Commercial Marketing

Industry Challenges

Optimize and increase ROI of speaker programs by avoiding internal bias

Identify speakers and also audience for the speaker programs

Strategy for multi-channel marketing i.e. Digital, Advocacy, Conferences, etc.

Identify top Center Of Excellence (COE) and engage its decision makers and influencers

Identify and engage non-traditional KOLs like Digital opinion leaders

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In a rapidly saturating therapeutic market, pharmaceutical companies need to have their novelty established and make their voice heard.

Commercial Marketing team engage Neolytica’s services in order to select the accurate opinion leaders in the industry to voice their medical message as well as engage HCP to spread drug awareness.

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Analyze Patient journey, referral, and prescription patterns

  • Create a local level influence network map for all physicians by analyzing the referral patterns of community leaders and maximize the reach of the campaign.
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Speaker Bureau Optimization and ROI

  • Select the best KOLs that have a validated speaking history and highly skilled in oratory with a wide network to target right audience.
  • Audience: Target in-Network KOLs for more receptive audience and a productive post-program.
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Targeted Promotional Messages for Multichannel Marketing

  • Create customized plans and medical messages for targeting individual HCPs based on HCP sentiments supported by weekly updates from NotifyMe Service for maximum impact including digital impact.
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Competitive Intelligence & Sentiment analysis

  • Highlight competitors working with KOLs of your interest and gauge their sentiments on competitors in the treatment paradigm.
  • Understand each KOL’s opinions over competitor brands to create individual strategies to maximize the client’s product promotion.