Industry Problems

Updating the field teams with all the updates about KOLs and HCPs.

Providing actionable insights for field teams (i.e. MSLs, Sales reps) in the most user-friendly manner.

Understand and track the sentiment of KOLs/HCPs about client product and competitors.

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NotifyMe Alerts is a Healthcare KOL engagement service with email alerts and application that enables enterprise-scale social listening and monitoring activities via actionable alerts on relevant healthcare stakeholders in a desired therapeutic area.

NotifyMe serves as a handy tool for Biopharma customers that provides a snapshot of the latest and upcoming information on their KOLs of interest.

First Core Value
Real time analysis of KOL activity

NotifyMe App empowers MSLs with weekly updates, notifications and analysis on recent & upcoming activities of Experts.

Obtain an edge over the competitors by getting notified with weekly KOL updates via email and App.

Email service for weekly notifications to MSLs about new activities on selected Experts and key topics.

Accountablity value
Customized Insights

Flagging every key topic, which KOL has activities on and getting detailed report of it via email and app.​

Expert reviewed weekly alerts on all the KOLs of client’s interest to monitor discussions, activities and sentiments.

Dependablity value
Recent KOL connections

Displays the experts that collaborated with KOL in past 1 year or have future planned events/conferences.

Responsibility value
Push Notifications to iPads

Receive push notifications every time new data or activities are updated for the selected key topics and selected KOLs.

NotifyMe Email Alerts

A weekly email alert service that provides a snapshot of all the activities by selected KOLs in the past and upcoming weeks.

NotifyMe App

An app that stores the weekly updates, sends notifications and provides analysis on the recent and upcoming activities of the KOLs.

Why NotifyMe?

NotifyMe delivers the knowledge directly into our users’ hands to review and act

Responsibility value
A super tool

A super tool for MSLs to interact faster by receiving weekly alerts on stakeholders.

Responsibility value
Competitive intelligence

Competitive intelligence on all stakeholders’ activities to unveil risks and opportunities.

Responsibility value
Field Time Efficiency

Time management as the email serves as a quick cheat sheet for upcoming meetings and to provide up-to-date knowledge on stakeholders to ensure high-impact stakeholder engagements.

Responsibility value
Enhance KOL Engagement

Execute engagement based on stakeholder activity in real time regarding their latest activities, publications, trials, events, sanctions, awards, speaking events, medical education workshops, affiliation changes, and regional, national, global conference, etc.

Responsibility value
Screen multiple data sources

Screen multiple data sources in the public domain using well-trained and experienced Medical Analysts on a local and global level.

Responsibility value
Cutting-edge technology

We combine cutting-edge technology with human intelligence, resulting in high-quality information which is both accessible and meets compliance requirements.

Responsibility value
Track Sentiment

Track sentiment of stakeholders to optimally engage initially and over time.