Ti Expert

Industry Problems

The industry is engaging same top KOLs or using vendors with pre-built syndicated database.

Medical, marketing, market access and commercial teams are not able to share their intelligence.

Understand the network and influence of KOLs/HCPs locally, nationally, and globally.

Follow patient journey and analyze referral and prescription patterns to identify local influential HCP leaders.

Identify and map top Health systems, COEs, IDNs, GPOs.

Identify and map non-traditional experts like digital opinion leaders, market access experts, pharmacist, etc.

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A “ready-to-market” consulting solution for all phases of a drugs lifecycle, which can integrate medical and commercial strategic plans.

Our proprietary KOL engagement technology and consulting solution, Ti Expert™, affords our clients comprehensive access to data about highly qualified and validated medical professionals, including information about professional spheres of influence, social relationships, and promotional activities. Ti Expert is a powerful, all-in-one solution that overcomes the limitations of traditional KOL activities and enhances the effectiveness and compliance of KOL engagement.

Customized Research and Analytics

  • Customized research using key topics or focus areas relevant to a client and their products, to create a very applicable and usable database for engaging with their KOLs and identifying rising stars and new EEs, who might not surface if identification is limited to top EEs in a therapeutic area.
  • Customized database on client’s specific Share of Scientific Voice (SoSV) and their scientific messages. Unique approach to focus on each individual EE to capture their every activity and SoSV. Monitor globally all sources including non-traditional sources like blogs, local publications, local press, etc. to provide accurate analysis.

Global KOL Influence Mapping and Engagement Planning

  • Ti Expert™ — Part of the Titanium™ Commercial and Compliance Suite of commercial and compliance reporting tools — provides access to vital information about KOL professional and social relationships and influence.
  • The Ti Expert™ system’s proprietary algorithms and statistical formulas enable brand managers to score KOLs and better understand their professional activities.
  • By gaining an understanding of KOL's social and professional networks, our clients can prioritize future KOL collaborations and develop individual KOL engagement plans.

Analyzing Claims Data & Patient Journey

By analyzing the referral patterns and creating a local level influence network map for all physicians by each community, we identify the top local leaders throughout the USA. This is driven by local network authority, referrals, claims data as well as patient volume.

Monitoring of Sentiment Analysis

  • Analyze the sentiment of each stakeholders about the competitors and products. Identify the top stakeholder who have positive sentiment about the products and who have negative sentiments about the competitors.
  • Providing “Sentiment SoSV” for every EE activity for client specific key topics on various social media channels including blogs, Twitter, YouTube, ResearchGate and Facebook.

Analyzing 360 degree data to identify influential community leaders and local HCPs

  • Go beyond traditional KOL research and influence mapping by identifying Community Opinion Leaders (COLs) in KOL networks.
  • Complete influence map of physicians from all tiers i.e. KOLs, COLs and local physicians and how they are connected to each other.

Identification of “Rising Stars” and “Bridge Builders”

  • By analyzing the career graph of each KOL, we identify “Rising Stars” who are likely to be the most influential in promoting client Brands.
  • Identify KOLs who act as “Bridge Builders” – experts who may not be top influencers, but who maintain key connections between highly influential KOLs and their networks.

Non-Traditional EEs and Primary Research Survey

  • Capture non-traditional Global EEs like Policy makers, Payers, Regulatory, Government, Patient Advocacy groups, Digital Opinion Leaders, Compulsory Licensing EEs, etc.
  • Create detailed and tailored surveys. Professionals with expertise in specific subject area can identify another influential member of a community . “Peer nomination surveys” to enhance and validate the Share of Scientific Voice.
  • Leverage the peer-to-peer feedback to select best KOLs with motivation in required topic of interest.

Business Intelligence Module: Segmentation

  • A customized pivot table for big data with user friendly interface, multiple criteria to narrow down experts. A tool which has ability to visualize network between selected experts and option to view in grid view or graphical mode.
  • One of the best Segmentation solution to conduct ad-hoc filtering or identify EE with highest SUV and tool which reduced the operational time of our majority of our clients by 50%.

Reports and Engagement Interactions

  • Descriptive summary charts comparing overall activities and reflecting trends in the expert universe in terms of different fields like Sentiment Analysis, Positions, Events, publications, trials, company affinity and key topics.
  • Keep track of interactions with KOL and share intelligence to coordinate planning and alignment within teams.
  • Firewall built to offer different level of access to each team while ensuring compliance.

Competitor Intelligence and KOL Compliance Validation

  • Identify which KOLs are collaborating with our clients’ competitors through research grants, consulting, speaking events, etc.
  • Practitioner validation services to ensure license verification. Maintenance of customized and compliant MSL-KOL interactions for each KOL.